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Vickum Nawagamuwage

Vickum Nawagamuwage

Santani is about finding balance and thriving

As a successful professional in the corporate world, I found success came with many challenges. Human realities took a toll on my health, I knew I had to find ways to manage this ‘success stress.’ My soul mate introduced me to yoga, meditation and healthy eating. Surprisingly, along with calculable health benefits, these lifestyle choices brought back feelings of peace, freedom and wholeness I recognised from my youth, spent exploring the wilderness.

As the global conversation about sustainability heated up, I understood sustainability must start within each of us. Human resilience requires physical, mental and emotional balance. As I realigned my body, mind and spirit, wellness followed. The businessman in me curiously dug deeper, unsatisfied merely to have improved my own condition.

From this journey, I have come to understand that we as humans thrive in harmony with our external and internal selves. Santani is about finding balance and thriving.