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Thanh Huynh

Thanh Huynh

Lang Thang translates to "wander". That is a word that captures our spirit, our existential reason for being. We exist to wander and in our wanderings, we connect, learn and grow. We wander, not without purpose, but with open hearts and open arms, to love, to embrace all that there are left to us to cherish and to treasure. We wander, not without reason, but to witness and listen to stories untold and songs yet to be sung. We wander but we are not lost.

Going "lang thang" with us is how you discover that Vietnamese cuisine is more than just "pho" or "banh mi" but thousands of years of dynastic traditions, regional flavours and humble fare of everyday people. We will see the beauty of this land, the rice terraces in the mist, the sunset in Ha Long Bay, the crumbling citadels and temples. You may also have a conversation with a poet, paint with an artist, dine under the stars, challenge your taste buds with deconstructed cocktails, and listen to the sad songs of a legendary blind beggar prince.

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