All People of Singular



Gocta Natura Reserve (GNR) has become a living space and a source of inspiration for me and my whole family. I live in this corner of the world, privileged by its beauty and natural wealth, home to hard-working, joyful and generous families. Watching a generation grow and prosper moves me. Living and sharing, working, creating, dreaming, laughing with the women, men and young people of this province, makes the everyday exceptional.

GNR has been growing and progressing too. It started as a family home, received visitors from near and far, and has been transformed into a lodge for stays immersed within Nature, committed to protecting the environment in everything we do. We measure our impact and reforest on an ongoing basis. It is a step by step approach.

To our guests of the past years we thank you so much. With every return, with every recommendation you push us to keep looking for improvement and fuel our creativity. You make us happy but also inject us with the responsibility to continue to strengthen our sustainable practices and our commitment to the environment.

A special thanks to Cocachimba, the community that welcomes us and allows us to develop a dream. With you and the families of Coca, we commit ourselves to continue protecting the environment that we share as our first priority: we will continue reforesting, we will continue improving our practices and behaviours to strengthen together our main tourist attraction: Nature.