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Cristine Bedfor

Cristine Bedfor

Cristine Bedfor opens its doors and welcomes you to a boutique hotel full of experiences. To do so and make your stay unique, Cristine has taken care of every detail needed to host you as you deserve.

Together with her friend, the interior designer Lorenzo Castillo, Cristine has spent several years trawling antique shops and fairs looking for special, unique pieces steeped in history that perfectly match the local architecture, materials, and crafts of Menorca.

Cristine Bedfor is brimming with souvenirs and gifts from dear friends, which make this hotel a place with a soul where every detail, scent, and object comes from different trips and experiences. This makes Cristine Bedfor more than just a place to sleep. Cristine would like to welcome you in a very special way, and therefore every object is strategically placed to be a part of the room of your dreams.