Dolkahr & Design: Life lesson from Ladakh

USD 3250


Check out of Dolkhar with beautiful memories and a promise to inform everyone about what you learned on this journey. 

You have been the hero of your journey. 

As you pack and ready your bags, give yourself this last day to look around one last time and process all that you have seen and done these passed days. Think of all the new friends you made and new conversations you have had. It is possible you are no longer who you started off being on this journey. 

In order to feel and manifest the intended transformation we suggest: 

  1. You keep in touch with people you bonded with. We can help get contact information if you don't have that already. 
  2. You remain in contact with us for your post-trip process and support in coming home
  3. And above all, be patient with yourself. There is a lot to process and internalise. 
  4. Once home, look at people and the place immediately around you and then beyond with your new found perspective. Is there something you can change or help with? How? 

"Remember again and again that the true pilgrimage is into the undiscovered land of your own imagination, which you could not have explored any other way than through these lands, with gratitude in your satchel and compassion for all you see as your touchstone" - Phil Cousineau

USD 3250