Dolkahr & Design: Life lesson from Ladakh

USD 3250


Tour of Dolkhar ( Led by Rigzin Lachic/ Manager, Structure team, Head Chef)

a)    Story of Dolkhar, architecture, materials used.

b)    Sustainability & how the place benefits the local community.

c)    How every element at Dolkhar is integrated with Ladakh.

d)    Gastronomy & incorporating local cuisine with the head chef of Tsas.

e)    Fun Local cuisine preparation session (Thukpa or other local dish)

While you stay here you will get to know it intimately; its history, its present and how it all works towards a future. In fact you will meet and hear the stories from Rigzin Lachik herself, the founder-creator of this wonderful space.


In the evening:  Chef’s Tasting Dinner

a)    Specially curated tasting menu as a eulogy to the chef’s travels by giving local ingredients centre stage.

b)    From use of local ingredients and artisan made cutlery to a zero - waste kitchen, the processes & story at Tsas stand testament to its core values of sustainability and harmonious living.

c)    8 course meal personally attended by the head chef of Tsas by Dolkhar.

Overnight Dolkhar

Note: Lunch will be on Ala carte basis at Dolkhar or a restaurant of your choice 

USD 3250