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Nile Safari Lodge

Nile Safari Lodge

Escape the Ordinary

Nile Safari Lodge is a wholly owned family lodge, started in 2017 with a long-term dream of creating and offering a unique experience. Our lodge is designed to be minimally intrusive, with sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes, as well as total exclusivity. Our furniture and fittings have been carefully selected to blend the boundaries between inside and outside, creating a seamless integration with nature while upholding a high standard of comfort, aesthetics and durability. We pay very close attention to every small detail while trying to be at one with the environment.

Explore the breathtaking views of the River Nile from every corner of our lodge. In the heart of Murchison falls national park, Nile Safari Lodge offers a magical escape in the most luxurious, tranquil and eco-friendly setting Uganda has to offer.